The chance to transfer assets between the THETA and Bitcoin currencies is now available to everyone. If you are ready to switch between these digital coins then now is a great time to do it.

Whether you are interested in the potential of the video delivery platform that is powered by Theta or the chances of growing your investment with Bitcoin, this is a transaction that you can arrange calmly and confidently with us.

You can move around your money between these tokens however you want to. Our slick, user-friendly platform now lets you trade THETA-BTC with a minimum of effort.

THETA is the coin that is used in the project that was created to disrupt the online video industry thanks to an innovative, peer to peer approach. With a total supply of a billion tokens, it is backed by a team with lots of experience in the video industry.

Bitcoin has long become one of the most easily recognizable crypto coins. It is now accepted in numerous stores, restaurants, and other businesses in different parts of the world.

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Asset pair theta-btc
Last trade price 0.00002599 btc
24 hour change -1.74%
24 hour volume 1,207,207 theta

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