As your cryptocurrency investments grow, you may find that the time comes to switch from one coin to another. In the case of learning to trade MTL-BTC, this pair can be easily traded on our platform.

You may be keen on using MetalPay to fund real-world purchases, having seen it described as the PayPal of cryptocurrency. On the other hand, you might feel that now is the moment to buy some Bitcoin for spending or else for investment purchases. Alternatively, you may simply like the idea of diversifying your investment.

In any of these cases, this isn’t a transaction that will cause you any headaches if you carry it out with us.

MTL is the token used in the MetalPay project that aims to transform the way that we send money to one another. The total supply is limited to 55.5 million coins.

Bitcoin is the name that comes to most people’s mind when considering the subject of decentralized, digital money. This revolutionary currency can be considered to have broken down barriers and has made it easier for the crypto coins that came along after it.

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Asset pair mtl-btc
Last trade price 0.00003565 btc
24 hour change +1.39%
24 hour volume 87,617 mtl

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