The demand for buying or selling Bitcoin is greater than ever before, as more and more people decide to invest in it or else use it for paying for goods and services. Tether is another important cryptocurrency, largely due to the way it is backed by the stability of the US Dollar.

Therefore, finding a way to trade BTC-USDT is something that you may consider at some point. Is this something that is going to be awkward to do or will it take up far too much of your time? The truth is that we make this transaction effortless for you.

Fill in the basic details of how much you want to switch over from one currency to the other and we will work out how it best suits you to do this at the lowest possible price.

Bitcoin is a hugely popular currency that has been regularly in the mainstream news since its creation by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Tether aims to combine the best of both worlds by offering a flexible cryptocurrency that is backed by traditional cash reserves.

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Asset pair btc-usdt
Last trade price 9,257.21 usdt
24 hour change +0.05%
24 hour volume 5,169 btc

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