Do you feel that the time is right to transfer your BAT coins to BTC or vice versa? Carrying out this transaction with a minimum of fuss is a task that we have made easier than you might have thought it was going to be.

It doesn’t matter why you are interested in trading this pair of cryptocurrencies. It may be for investment purposes, to make purchases with Bitcoin, or to get involved with the digital advertising network that uses the Basic Attention Token.

Your next step is vital when you trade BAT-BTC. Don’t take any un-necessary risks when we can help you to move your money with a process that is designed to be safe, fast, and totally secure.

The Basic Attention Token is part of a project that offers decentralized ad exchange using the Ethereum platform. The total supply of tokens is set at 1.5 billion.

As for Bitcoin, this currency was first released in 2009 and soon captured the imagination of the world for its capacity for allowing us to send money anywhere we want to without the need for using existing banking networks.

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Asset pair bat-btc
Last trade price 0.00002830 btc
24 hour change -0.70%
24 hour volume 1,475,490 bat

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