Liquidity Provider

Bitior provides liquidity for other exchanges. We support a wide variety of digital asset pairs with substantial order book depth. Bitior offers a powerful REST and a socket-based APIs for easy integration.

Liquidity is a vital element for any market. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency trading, lack of liquidity has been one of the major issues for many exchanges. Lower liquidity tends to result in a more volatile market with erratic price swings and market manipulation. Fortunately, Bitior is linked with multiple trusted partners to provide cryptocurrency liquidity to its clients.

We can help you create a trustworthy marketplace with competitive prices and seamless transactions for your customers. We ensure high levels of liquidity of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs for a highly stable marketplace. Promoting liquidity in this ecosystem is critical to improving mainstream adoption, which is why we offer this service.

How to Use

Add liquidity to an existing exchange.

Connect to our servicers via an API. Automated registration. Go to the API page for details.

Start your own digital asset exchange.

Bitior provides a turn-key solution to start your own exchange. Apply for our White Label program.