Are you a brilliant individual with a passion for blockchain and crypto? Then, working for Bitior may be for you. By joining our team, you can participate directly in shaping the future though the application of blockchain technologies. We are currently at the very beginning of the blockchain revolution, which will soon transform the world. Let’s develop new amazing applications together!

And, by the way, did we mention that you will get to work with cool people, and our office is located in Santa Monica, just across the street from the beach and Santa Monica Pier?

If you live in a different city or even overseas, you can still apply. Currently, we employ contractors from various places around the world. Just be ready to work in the Los Angles time zone.

Open Positions

Software Developer/Back-End

There is no job description for this position. If you've been there, you know what it is like. We do not have any specific requirements regarding previously used technologies or years of experience. If you are good, we will know it. Just be ready to solve a few test problems.

We will consider candidates of any experience level. If accepted, you will have time to get up to speed on our technologies. Apply, if you are a back-end development wizard.

Software Developer/Front-End

Similarly, this position has no job description. Apply, if you have passion for front-end development.

PR Manager

The public relationship manager is responsible for producing engaging content and pitching it to publications. To apply, you will need to demonstrate a previous successful track record of PR management.

Community Manager

The community manager is responsible for managing our social media channels, producing content, and engaging users.

How to Apply

To apply, send us email at .