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The MDA coin is the token that is used as currency on the Moeda Loyalty Points project. This is a co-operative banking system that is run on the blockchain. The over-riding idea behind it is that it will help to empower consumers across the planets, with a particular focus on entrepreneurs who are looking to boost their business plans. They also hope that it will work to promote the interests of communities that are currently suffering from financial exclusion, offering a fair and sustainable solution.

This network lets people seen peer to peer payments and remittances around the planet. The MDA digital token that runs on the platform has been traded since mid-2018. There are close to 20 million of these coins in circulation. The platform runs on the Ethereum network and the coins are ERC20 tokens that can be stored in a variety of wallets.

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Asset Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA)
Price 0.69 usd
24 hour change 6.29%
Market cap 12,417,408 USD
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