An API (application programming interface) is a piece of software that allows different software programs to speak to one another. This is something that is becoming increasingly common in the cryptocurrency world.

To put it simply, an API works as a go-between by passing certain information back and forth. So, one program starts off by telling it what needs to be done. The API passes on this message to another program and reports back to the original source with details of the results that have been achieved.

Use Cases

Our API makes it possible to execute cryptocurrency trades effortlessly. For example, traders can run algorithm programs that help them to identify the best opportunities that are out there in the market. The trades can then be executed manually or automatically.

This means that traders who use our API can quickly find the maximum number of money-making opportunities. APIs have become more and more relevant as the cryptocurrency market continues to expand and grow increasingly sophisticated.

Discover Our API

We have developed an API that you can trust. If you wish to trade cryptocurrencies tailored to you, find it all here. Have more questions? Contact us.


The API documentation can be found here: API Reference.